Supplier Quality System Questionnaire

1. Company Information - Required by all
2. Capability - Required by all
3. Questionnaire - Required ONLY IF YOU ARE NOT AS9100 or ISO9001 /9002 Certified

Please complete the following Quality System Survey and click the Sumbit button.

Note: If you are AS9100 registered, please send copies of your certificate(s). If you are compliant to AS9102, please send your first article. You may send these to

1. Company Information


General Company Information
Name: *
Phone: *
Vendor ID:
Company Shipping Address Company Billing Address
Address: *
City: *
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Company Organization - Sales Contact Company Organization - Quality Contact
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Primary Type of Business (Select all that apply, provide more information in the Capability section.)
Assembly Shop
Raw Materials
Design / Manufacturer Own Products
Metal Machine Shop
Composites Shop
Test Laboratory
Special Process
FAA / CAA Approved Repair Station
List of Product(s) / Services / Processes:
Facility / Staff: (Please include each employee once.)
Size (square feet): *
Name Qty of Staff
Production: *
Quality: *
Engineering: *
Purchasing: *
Name Qty of Staff
Administration: *
Other: *
How many shfits are you running? *
How many days a week are you working? *
Quality System (Check all that apply.)
Name Compliant Certified Certification Number Certification is valid until
ISO-9001 or ISO-9002
Non-Us Civil Aviation Authority
Boeing D1-4426
ASA-100 or FAA 00-56A
Completed By:
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2. In House Capability


In House Capability
Item Check if interally capable Comments
What type of work are you most competitive at?  
Distributor of Standard Aerospace Parts
Adhesive Distributor
Paint Distributor
Aircraft Fasteners
Raw Materials - Nonmetallic
Raw Materials - Metallic
Special Processes
Oxygen Cleaning
Aerospace Welding
Pressue Testing
Metal Shops
What typical lengths of parts to you deal with (inches)?
How long of a part can you work with (inches)?
Machining Plate
Sheat Metal / Stamping
Machining Sheet Metal & Tubes
Metal Machine Shop
Metal CNC Machines
3 Axis (qty)
4 Axis (qty)
5 Axis (qty)
Water Jet
Composites - Flat Panel
Composites - Shapes
Plastic / Rubber / Foam & Test Sample (Outside Panel)
CNC Router (Panels, Bonded)
Number of Routing Stations
Electrical / Cables
Electrical / Electromechanical
Raw Wire
Cable Assy's
Vendor Managed Inventory, Curring Doing
Currently, for?
Aseospace Upholstry
Other (Please specifiy)

3. Questionnaire

(Required ONLY IF YOU ARE NOT AS9100 or ISO9001 /9002 Certified)

Quality Management System (For an answer to be Yes, a company must have a documented system that has been in place for at least 6 months.)
Yes, No, N/A Question Quality Manual Reference Comments
How long has your company been working in the Aerospace Industry?
Tier 1 Approved Supplier for Boeing or Airbus? (Indicate which in the comments field)
Planning to be certified to AS9100 by what date? (If applicable)
Does the quality management system documentation include quality policy, quality objectives, quality manual, documented procedures, and records?
Are all quality documents available in English?
Quality Measurements
Does the organization monitor and measure stated quality objectives for improvement?
Is on time delivery to customers as well as from suppliers tracked? Action is taken to improve performance?
Corrective Action
Have adequate resources been allocated to maintain the quality management system and ensure customer satisfaction?
Internal processes are analyzed in order to identify and prevent potential non-conformities. (i.e. internal audits)
Are procedures in place to assure that when non-conformities are identified a containment action, root cause analysis, and preventative action are performed?
Procedure that requires signatures to be rendered in ink, controlled stamps, or computer generated?
General Requirements (For an answer to be Yes, a company must have a documented system that has been in place for at least 6 months.)
Yes, No, N/A Question Quality Manual Reference Comments
Prohibited Practices
System in place that assures work is not preformed outside of the USA unless prior approval has been granted by your Customer?
Quality Records
Are quality records kept?
If yes, how long are quality records retained?
Prior to quality records being destroyed customers are contacted to assure all contractual obligations have been met?
AS9102 First Article Inspection Report
Are all production parts are conformed using AS9102 First Article Inspection Reports?
Are FAI's redone after substantial changes to the facility, or if parts have not been produced within the last 2 years?
Are Delta FAI's completed to address drawing revisions?
Control of Sub-Tier Sources
An approved supplier list including, questionnaires, audit reports, and certifications is maintained.
Suppliers are approved for a defined length of time.
All special processes suppliers as described on sheet 1 'Company Information' are certified to D1-4426 or NADCAP?
Tools used for production are calibrated per National Institute of Standards (NIST) or International equivalent.
Tools used for inspection are calibrated at a minimum every year.
Tools used for production or inspection are labeled with an unique identifier and a minimum of the due date for the next calibration?
Product Realization (For an answer to be Yes, a company must have a documented system that has been in place for at least 6 months.)
Yes, No, N/A Question Quality Manual Reference Comments
Purchasing and Flow down Requirements
The organization has a purchasing function, trained, managed, and versed in company's purchasing practices?
All documents referenced on a Purchase Order or Drawing are maintained including current revision changes?
System in place to assure all requirements are flowed down to sub-tier sources?
Change Management
A system is in place for review of customer changes.
Is there an impact analysis on manufacturing, tooling, sub tiers suppliers, quality, etc?
Is the impact reviewed and approved by all affected parties?
Receiving Inspection
When material is procured for production, Inspection criteria is defined to assure product conformity
When parts are received, are they controlled?
Receiving Raw Material
Procedure that assures raw material is received and validated to original manufacturer's
Documented procedure assures raw material conforms by one of the following methods:
Third party validation test of raw material,
Raw material hardness test
Audit of raw material suppliers
A process is in place that assures all parts are traceable to the raw material they are
Is there a system in place that demonstrates full traceability where raw material has been used
Document and Drawing Control
Drawings and revisions thereof are controlled
Pertinent revisions of drawings are available at the necessary work and quality locations
Customer Quality requirements are accounted for prior to acceptance of work.
Does the organization determine product, regulatory, and quality requirements prior to accepting the P/O?
Buyer Furnished Equipment
Procedure that assures all customer furnished product and tooling is identified as such?
Documented procedure that assures customer furnished product and tooling is controlled and appropriate actions are taken to assure its proper use?
Customer Property
System in place that assures repairs, "use as is", or scraps are not preformed unless granted by the customer in writing?
System in place that assures no substitutions for required raw material are used unless granted by customers engineering?
Manufacturing Controls
Do instructions (work order or like document) for all product manufactured include the following:
Manufacturing sequence steps?
Heat lot number for raw material?
Routings for Special Process required and approved Special Process Houses?
Part number and drawing revision?
Quality approval at all relevant steps including final inspection?
All product that has a limited shelf life is identified including its expiration date?
A defined and implemented production practice that assures detection and removal of foreign objects?
Are personnel who perform work affecting product quality evaluated based on appropriate education, training, skills, and experience?
Non-Conforming Product
When building to Customer's drawings, product found to be non-conforming is documented on customer's MRB for all repairs and "Use As Is".
Procedure that assures all products returned to you by your customers as rejected, and subsequently resubmitted to customer as "replacement", "reworked", or "repaired" and identified as such?
Procedure that assures all product found to be Non-conforming are identified and protected to assure they are not used inadvertently in production (MRB)?
When non-conforming product is identified during manufacturing, it is immediately identified and removed?
Has a documented procedure been established to define controls, responsibilities and authorities for dealing with nonconforming product and the necessary records?
Final Inspection
All product conforms to applicable drawing and PO requirements prior to being released to your customer, including current revision of drawing?
Final Inspection authority is defined in the quality system
Statistical Techniques
Have a documented Statistical program to assure Quality requirements are met (please indicate in Comment field which standard it is compliant to i.e. ANSI/ASQC Z1.4-1993)
Certificate of Conformance
Certificate of Conformance includes: part number, unique traceability, packing slip/shipper number, and customer PO number?
Are records maintained to indicate the person(s) authorizing release of product?
Provide Certificate of Conformance includes the following (where applicable): part built, raw material, special processes, and drawing revision?
Preparation for Shipment
When shipping product to your customer, a packing slip/shipper is provided that assures all product shipped meets the requirements of your customer?
Procedure that assures all product shipped is packaged in accordance to ATA-300?
Procedure that assures newspapers are not used for product packaging, due to the acidic nature of the ink?
Procedure that assures all shipped product is individually wrapped to protect it while shipping?